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Frequently Asked Questions

About Moodmaestro

What is Moodmaestro?
Moodmaestro is your digital interior designer with which you style your home, your way. Begin with a fun game, which helps you discover your individual style signature, as you play. You’ll then have the chance to explore decor treasures hand-picked for you, presented in an irresistible personalised store where you can buy the product and make it your very own. Connect with other decor enthusiasts, and be inspired by the interior design experts on our panel with their Moodroom section. It’s all rather easy, as you’ll see!

How is Moodmaestro different from hiring an interior designer?
An interior designer usually begins with understanding your lifestyle and design preferences and then creates a moodboard of images that reflect your taste. The final selection of decor suggestions is inspired by that moodboard. With Moodmaestro, we use our fun game to help you discover your individual design style. What’s more, you’ll even see a personalized Moodroom filled with a gorgeous collection of handpicked furniture & decor products suited to you. The big difference is you drive the creation of your design signature and can experiment every step of the way!

I’ve heard of a moodboard, but what is a Moodroom?
A moodboard is a collection of mood images which capture the aesthetic tone, style or design thinking. Any designer steers the design direction through a moodboard. In Moodmaestro we have gamified the act of moodboarding in an image based game and a smart algorithm churns out your user’s unique style mix setting the foundation of your design journey with us. A Moodroom is a tailor-made solution showcasing a collection of products which match your style, but importantly compliment each other in a space.
Unlike a mood board which only carries the designer’s vision for your space based on an understanding of what they think you like, you drive the way your Moodroom exactly looks. Also, instead of bearing the distinctive imprint of a particular designer, your Moodroom is all about you!

Can I play the Moodmaestro game more than once?
Absolutely! Go ahead and play as many times as you like. We’ll even save all your results for you. So if you have second thoughts, you can always go back to an earlier result. Like an actual designer, Moodmaestro learns a little more about you every time you use it, and helps you make better choices. You will be able to save as many results as you like, allowing you to see the history of how your mood and styles have changed over time.

I didn’t like my Moodmaestro result. What do I do?
Do you believe in second chances? Just in case you don’t like what you see, you can give the game a spin multiple times. And if that still doesn’t work, here’s a little secret. You can create your very own style mix. When you click ‘Style Selector’ on your result screen, you will find that you are able to see and read up on the full range of possible decor styles, and decide what works for you. Simply select the styles of your choice onto the green fields above and use the slider to pick the exact style percentage mix that works for you.

I have different moods when I’m in different rooms in my home. Can Moodmaestro help me with ideas for different spaces?
Sure! If you need a different look for a certain space in your house, all you have to do is play the game again. Since we save your results each time, you simply need to toggle between results to access inspiration for that space.

Do I need to have any prior design knowledge/ experience to use Moodmaestro?
No decor quizzes - we promise. You don’t even need to know your maroons from your magentas. You can be an absolute novice or a seasoned veteran. All you need to do is be intuitive, honest with your choices and of course up for some fun!

Does Moodmaestro charge a fee for the style profiling, product & decor suggestions?
No. We’re nice that way! When you use the Moodmaestro app, we don’t charge you for the profiling, decor suggestions, or the curated collection that you see. No matter how many times you play the game. We just want you to be inspired. By design.

The Moodmaestro Game

This is all rather confusing! Can you show me how to play this game?
We thought you’d never ask! We have a nifty little demo here, that won’t take too much time and should tell you everything you need to know. Away we go!

What if I like more than one image in the game?
Choices, choices. Why pick just one? We love the visuals too, so we can understand if you find it hard to whittle that choice down to just one. Thankfully, the game is designed to take multiple images as your selection for each question. So swipe-up to pick images you like. Remember, its is equally important to reject the ones you don’t like. Simply swipe those away! If you feel indifferent to some, click next to pass.

What if I like none of the images you show me for a question?
Oh dear! If you just can’t seem to find anything you like on a particular question, all you have to do is swipe them away to reject. What you reject is as important in defining your design style and helps us better understand your taste. Of course, you could simply click ‘Next’ and move to the next round if you felt neutral about the image. Just keep playing and you may just find something you fall in love with!

How can my preferences in the game determine my decor style?
Moodmaestro has been carefully crafted after months of research by a team of decor lovers, design experts, ethnographists and psychologists, backed up by the best in analytics and technology. Each response has been mapped to a particular design sensibility. And all of your choices put together, translate into your individual style signature.

I‘ve played the game several times. Can I save/ see my previous results?
Yes. Moodmaestro automatically saves all your results so you can go back when you like. Click the two-intersecting circle icon on the top right of your screen to view your past results anytime. You can in fact click ‘Select’ and Moodmaestro would personalise your store based on your latest selection.

Moodmaestro Styles

Why do I see two styles in my personalized result? What is the difference between the predominant style and the complementary style?
Design isn’t just black and white. In fact it’s the shades that make it exciting! Which is why when it comes to your design style, we show you not just your predominant style but also the style that complements it best. Your predominant style is quintessentially you. It captures the essence of your decor choices and your life, while the complementary style takes care of all those little quirks and whims in your design sensibility.

I’m curious about the other Moodmaestro styles. Where can I see them?
So you want us to let you in on our secrets? Gladly! Click on ‘Get Inspired’ module of the bottom dashboard icons and access here the full list of Moodmaestro decor styles.


What is a Moodroom?
A Moodroom is a collection of products specially curated for you! From furniture to textures and patterns to art and accessories - they’re all based on your unique design sensibility, which we learnt from your inputs in the Moodmaestro game. And the best part is that all these products work well together!! With a sophisticated digital tool like Moodmaestro you get the benefits of working with an interior designer but with greater control and more flexibility.

Drag and drop the product thumbnails into the blank room and watch them magically map and scale. Shift and layer the products to create a room layout of your choice! Our product collection features across different categories ranging from wall colours/ textures, floor patterns, furniture, lighting, home art and fabrics. The Moodroom is an immersive shopping experience which will ease you into interior design and help you figure out how products sit well together. This comfort is essential to make the right design choice.

As you swipe in a product the cumulative price of the room goes up, swipe the product out and the Moodroom price goes down!

How do you decide what goes in my Moodroom?
As you play the Moodmaestro game, you make certain choices. You’ll either be swiping up images you like/relate to, or rejecting some by swiping them away. We use those cues to understand your style. Our professional Moodroom creators have selected products from our curated collection of covetables which you’ll appreciate and could picture in your own home.

And don’t worry about having to trawl through a long list of Moodroom choices. Instead, a handful of professionally created Moodrooms best matched to your Moodmaestro style profile are selected from our extensive database and recommended for you to view and make your own. You might experiment with different styles or change the mix of styles that define you. And when you do, your room changes too!

Can I change what’s in my Moodroom?
Absolutely! In fact, we encourage you to. The Moodroom is the foundation for your design journey. We’ll get you off to an exciting start with professional design recommendations, but where you go from there with your design choices, is entirely up to you. We recommend a selection of products but only the ones you choose to drag into your room make it your selected list. As you click ‘Add to Basket’, we will process the payment of only your selected products, not the whole Moodroom.

I want to see the entire collection of products, and not just what’s in my Moodroom. Is that possible? Do I need a game result to see products offered by Moodmaestro?
We love a design enthusiast! You can explore the full range of products curated by Moodmaestro in our ‘Entire Store’. Here, you can filter the products to see options under Room, Style, Brand & Product categories.

Can I also select room finishes?
Design doesn’t stop at picking out furniture. The finishes on your floors, walls, and ceiling can make all the difference. And that’s why we help you map out the perfect mix of finishes in a Moodroom. With this smart tool, you will be able to visualize how the different finishes come together on your walls, ceiling, and floor and how products sit well with them. You will be able to change each finish until you create one that’s just right for you!


Where do these products come from? Who has chosen them?
Each product that we recommend has been expertly curated by Moodmaestro. Our in-house team of expert interior designers, stylists and enthusiasts have extensively scoured stores across the globe, from big name brands to eclectic niches and artisanal finds, to bring you the very best in design. These products cover a range of brands suited to a variety of styles and budgets.

You’ll find that each designer on our exclusive panel brings in their distinctive style. Get inspired by the maestros whose style echoes your own. And it’s no accident that some of the most compelling products from iconic stores sit side by side with eclectic finds from boutique businesses. At Moodmaestro we believe that each product should tell its own story; find yours in a stunning decor detail or a beautiful piece of furniture in our store.

How do I use the Bookmarks feature? What does it do?
With our easy to access Bookmarks feature you can bookmark Products, Moodrooms, Moodroom Creators, Posts and even Authors that you like. This allows you quick access to your favourites. If you Bookmark a product, for instance, you will be able to filter and browse the ‘Entire store’ with just your choices. Simply click on “More filters’ > ‘Bookmarks’ and we will remind you of your favourites. Similarly, you can view your Bookmarked Moodrooms in the ‘Entire Library’ and Bookmarked blogs in the ‘Entire Library’ of ‘Get Inspired’.

I liked a product I saw. How do I buy it?
Simply click on the product to view all its details and then the green ‘Add to Basket’ icon. As you would expect, your shopping basket reflects this product and thereon follow simple steps to checking it out. Happy shopping!

Payments & Shipping

What are the various payment options you offer?
Moodmaestro uses electronic payment gateways to collect payment from you and channels it to the seller in a secure manner. Our payment gateway Stripe provides for multiple payment methods, the most basic of which include all major credit cards. We are constantly looking to add to the list of method payments for your convenience on Moodmaestro.

Are there any delivery charges?
We reflect the delivery charges on a product by product basis. This is to the discretion of the seller. We work with each seller to ensure they are in line with industry standards in using efficient delivery channels.

How do I track my order?
You can track your order by clicking on the Basket icon on top right. From there, access ‘Past Orders’ to view the list of products ordered by you alongwith their order history , delivery descriptions etc. From here, you could even ‘Return’ items within the 14 day allowable period from date of delivery without giving any reasons.

I’ve changed my mind. Can I change my order?
Of course. You have the right to cancel your order or return an item without giving any reason for a period of 14 days after delivery date. Read the next section for more details about returns.

What is your returns & refunds policy?
(a) Before the seller has confirmed your order: You have the right to cancel your order any time before the seller has confirmed your order for no additional charges whatsoever.
(b) After the seller has confirmed your order but before you receive the item: If the seller has confirmed your order, this means they have initiated the despatch of your items and so might have incurred some costs. You can still cancel your order, but you might be charged some money for returning the goods to the seller.
(c) After delivery: If you wish to return an item after it has been delivered to you, you may still do that within 14 days after the delivery date. However, as mentioned earlier, you may be charged some money for the costs incurred in returning the item to the seller.

Having said the above, any returns due to faulty or damaged products, or incorrect shipping that were caused before the item was delivered to you will get you a full refund. You just have to report this within 48 hours after delivery.

How long does shipping take?
Shipping and delivery time depends on many factors such as the size of the product, location of the manufacturer, whether the items are stocked in a local warehouse or needs to be specially ordered from the manufacturer. This could range between a few days and months.
The seller publishes the estimated delivery time along with product details, which can be checked at the time of checking out the item.

Do you ship overseas?
UK is our domestic market and we try to cover it as well as possible.


How do I change my password and personal information?
Simply navigate to your account settings by clicking on the profile icon. You will be able to edit any personal information or details that you have entered including your password. In case you’ve forgotten your password, just follow the instructions on the login screen to retrieve/reset the password.

Is the information I share with Moodmaestro kept private?
Yes it is. If you’d like more details, we encourage you to look at our privacy policy.

I still haven’t got the answers I’m looking for. Who can I contact?
You can get in touch with our customer support staff at
We’d be happy to help!

I’m having trouble with the app. What should I do?
Oops! Our apologies. If you’ve experienced technical difficulties or any other issues with Moodmaestro, please email us at We want your experience with Moodmaestro to be a pleasant one and would deeply appreciate your feedback on any glitches you may have faced. This will help us deliver an improved experience to you and all our valued clients.