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The Classic Antique home is enduringly aristocratic, its appeal centred around refined luxury. An expression of history and tradition, this beautiful home reflects impeccable taste for the finer things in life. Inspired by the design principles of classical Palladian architecture, the Classic Antique home breathes timeless, vintage style. Rich with warm woods, the colors of deep burgundy, tawny beiges and browns, and gilded with a touch of bronze and mirrors, this homes transports you to older, more elegant times. Regency and Rococo inspired decor and memorabilia bring alive stories and traditions, carefully conserved over the years and passed down from one generation to the next. Inspiring loyalty and passion in both the occupants of the home and those who pass through its portals, this is a home that says you truly have arrived. A distinctly mature design preference, Classic Antique is not a style that everyone can pull off. Yet for those who embody it, there can be nothing less.

St. Paul's Cathedral

Classic - the way the Romans liked it!

The Classic Antique home reflects a timeless sensibility, with its pleasing use of symmetry and balance in the style of legendary architect Andrea Palladio. Glimpses of eighteenth century Neoclassical and Georgian styles blend seamlessly with English Palladian architecture. Interestingly these styles, as popular today, draw heavily from the design philosophy of the ancient Romans and Greeks. The dignified elegance is much like the toned down and clean style favoured by the Whig aristocrats who appreciated its close resemblance to their own political mores.

Palladian style

The movement got a shot in the arm when Whig patrons in the 17th century returned inspired by what they'd seen on their travels to Italy. You can see derivations of this classical style on a drive by St Paul's, in the hallowed portals of Stowe House, or on the greens at Woburn Abbey. Mereworth Castle in Kent, designed by Colen Campbell, a champion of the style, draws heavily from the Andrea Palladio designed Villa Capra "La Rotunda" in Venice. The home in the Classic Antique style is like a living museum, at once inspiring and inviting. A house taken from the pages of an Austen classic, that even the discerning Mr. Darcy would love to call his own.

Rugs & leather armchairs

Keeping alive the finest traditions

Rich wood tones make your home warm yet stately, from the subtle sheen of the beautiful traditional oak wood panelled walls, to the firm give of the deep mahogany flooring beneath your feet. Rugs, tapestries, and textile highlights bring a warmth that harks back to a bygone era. The dignified palette of creams and beiges is lifted by deep hued reds, burgundies, and blues. Bronze and gold ornamental detailing adds an aristocratic touch that is unapologetically British.

Gold ceiling detail

The Classic home has the finest collection of beautiful things, each carefully curated. Even the carved corner table, reminiscent of the ones at which fortunes were won and lost in a hand of cards during the Regency era, has a special place in your heart. The Victorians loved the indulgence of patterned furniture that didn't just serve a function, but actually delighted - and you'll see that in the gently etched designs of a Rococo Revival parlor set.

Vintage mirror/dressing table

Use of mirrors to open up spaces

Making it your own

Mirrors surprise, opening up your rooms and heightening that sense of space and luxury with a masterful play of light. Like the design of the church on San Giorgio Maggiore in Venice, where sunlight casts a glow on masterpieces by Tintoretto and Bassano. The artwork on your walls is captivating and has a part to play in tying together the look of a home that's seen generations of impeccable taste. Allow yourself the freedom to choose from artists old and new, whose work reflects a purity in their craft. With your discerning taste, it's unlikely you'll go wrong. After all even Palladio's supposedly flawed interpretation of the ancient Roman style, has translated into the much loved Palladian style.

Hurricane Lamp

Pepper your home with memorabilia and hard-won acquisitions. Perhaps, a beautifully crafted sterling silver and glass Hurricane Lamp that recalls the family tradition of country holidays through the years? Or a magnificent Carrara marble bust to remind you of those many summer holidays in Tuscany? Sneak in a painting you've created between the many works of art quite like AG Carrick. You probably know him better as Prince Charles, patron of the arts. But the Prince enjoyed a quiet chuckle when he signed his watercolours under this name inspired by his lesser known title, 'The Earl of Carrick'.

Prince Charles

Stories unfold in the living room, woven into exotic moroccan rugs. Like those four diamonds that sit quietly at the corners of your lush rug. Your guests may know of Berber symbolism, but the little piece of personal history in your acquisition is sure to enthrall. Those four diamonds? They represent the four sons of the woman who created that piece in her village thousands of miles away.


Vintage Bentley

A home that complements your life

The Classic Antique side of you loves vintage Bentleys. Those trusty golf clubs standing in the corner by the fireplace and the keys to your classic off-roader parked in the garage are all the toys you'll ever need. You're equally at ease dressed up for the Opera at Glyndebourne or dressed down to treat your grey cells to the many literary pleasures of Hay. And then there's the side of you that cannot resist stepping into Asprey on your visits to New Bond Street!


You even do your hunting trips in style. Doff your hat to the Duke of Wellington, a man who embodies the Classic Antique style. Did you know he's also responsible for creating those trusty wellingtons that no trip to the country is complete without? Of course when he had the first pair custom made he probably didn't expect Beau Brummell to popularise them as evening wear de rigueur! But your stylish Harris Tweed jacket and breeks might still pass muster.


You enjoy your home much like that good single malt you linger over at sundown. And the unmistakable warmth and comfort that it brings your guests, laced with a hint of awe, never fails to bring the hint of a smile to your face.

Single malt